Financial Institutions

Datatrixs is the best data-gathering software for loan underwriting and monitoring

Datatrixs helps you underwrite and monitor loans faster


Gather data 93% faster when compared to current processes

Get access to pertinent client financial data in a day or less, not weeks.


Improved Loan Monitoring

Access data flow for regulated loan monitoring with little to zero clients back and forth.


Improve Margins

Leverage technology to improve loan processing time to increase margins.

Ready To Use Inputs

Get access to ready-to-use input variables like income, start-up capital, growth rates, cost of revenue, CAC, sales hires, discretionary expenses, and more which allows you to easily forecast client business model.

AI and Human Powered Analytical Reviews

Datatrixs uses AI to generate accurate analytical reviews of sales, revenue, influencing factors, and other metrics that drive client current performance.

Time Saving

Datatrixs offers click-to-generate reports that can be accessed and generated rapidly by teams.

Financial Statements


Income Statement


Cash Flow


Balance Sheet



What our customers say

“When it comes to projections, I have to do all that calculation on my own and Datatrixs makes it easier for me.”

“From an investment perspective, Datatrixs is a lot more palatable than a Google Sheet or any presentation software.”

“If you need a quick way to look at scenarios, use Datatrixs. It will give you some outputs that are useful for planning purposes.”

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