The #1 platform for financial data analysis, manipulation, and advisory reporting.

Effortlessly leverage the power of generative AI and proprietary algorithms to scale client advisory.


Comprehensive Client Data at Your Fingertips

Creating charts, graphs, and trend reports in Excel, copying them into pitch decks, and sharing with customers takes too much time and effort – we know, we’ve been there. That’s why we created Datatrixs – to do this for you.

  • One financial dashboard for all your clients’ data
  • Priority toggle, so you can easily triage tasks
  • Detailed insights at the click of a button

Scale Advisory

With access to clients’ QuickBooks data, Datatrixs makes it easier to automate actionable insights for a more complete picture.

  • Data label for fast and accurate calculations
  • Trend analysis at the click of a button
  • Less admin, saving you time

Real-time Client Data from QuickBooks

We designed Datatrixs to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. Simply connect your QuickBooks account and all of your clients’ data will be pulled into Datatrixs in real-time.

  • Connect your QuickBooks account in 2 minutes
  • Let Datatrixs pre-analyze the data for you
  • Easy data view for the client in focus

What our customers say

We were amazed by how Datatrixs transformed our procedures. It not only streamlined our processes but also provided us with accurate insights that allowed us to scale our advisory services. A game-changer for our firm!

As a growing accounting firm, maintaining compliance while expanding our advisory services was a challenge. Datatrixs turned out to be the perfect solution. It not only ensured compliance but also enabled us to offer more strategic insights to our clients, enhancing our reputation.

Transitioning to Datatrixs has been a revelation for our firm. It took the hassle out of compliance tasks, allowing us to focus on delivering value-added advisory services. The result? Happy clients and increased efficiency.


Ready to see for yourself?

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