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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial available for Datatrixs?

Certainly, Datatrixs provides a complimentary plan that allows you to create up to 3 clients, giving you the opportunity to explore and test its features firsthand.

Is it possible for my clients to access the advisory reports?

Absolutely, you have the option to grant clients viewer (or editor) access, enabling them to securely access the entire advisory report at their convenience.

Does the financial data automatically update when I make changes in QuickBooks?

Indeed, Datatrixs is designed to facilitate seamless real-time data synchronization, ensuring compliance at every stage. Any updates you make in QuickBooks will be instantly incorporated by Datatrixs, eliminating the need to modify advisory reports unless you're introducing fresh content to the report.

Does Datatrixs exclusively support QuickBooks integration, or are there other integration options available?

Currently, we offer seamless QuickBooks integrations and have exciting plans to incorporate Xero, along with the top 20 accounting software solutions, in the near future.

What our customers say

We were amazed by how Datatrixs transformed our procedures. It not only streamlined our processes but also provided us with accurate insights that allowed us to scale our advisory services. A game-changer for our firm!

As a growing accounting firm, maintaining compliance while expanding our advisory services was a challenge. Datatrixs turned out to be the perfect solution. It not only ensured compliance but also enabled us to offer more strategic insights to our clients, enhancing our reputation.

Transitioning to Datatrixs has been a revelation for our firm. It took the hassle out of compliance tasks, allowing us to focus on delivering value-added advisory services. The result? Happy clients and increased efficiency.


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  • Experience the power of our services with 3 complimentary client trials
  • Unleash the full power of our capabilities
  • Lifetime access to a complimentary editor seat